Remembering Doogan

May 3, 1999 – June 5, 2007

His registered name was Kaylynn’s Undaunted Doogan, and undaunted he was. He thoroughly enjoyed life, and with such zest for making the most of every day that we called him our Carpe Diem Boy. He packed into 8 years what should have taken 12. He was an all around good boy, sensitive, sweet, loving and affectionate. A true romantic…loved giving kisses and big, long hugs. His tail was always up, his ears always perked, his eyes always bright and inquisitive. He loved life. Outgoing, happy, exuberant, energetic, forever playful as a puppy. He never tired of a game and was always ready for a good time. Quick witted and loved and appreciated a joke or a tease. He loved to hike and never took the same path twice, knowing there was always something new to see along the way. He showed us how to appreciate life.

Doogan was sensitive to our feelings, obedient, caring and always wanting to please. He loved people, never met a stranger, was gentle with children, and yet was most happy when it was just the four of us.

He was intelligent, handsome, and agile. He was quick to learn obedience commands and the agility course. He helped bake doggy biscuits and was well traveled, being in all but six states. He was a family member.

He was in Project PUP, delighting nursing home patients with his visits; he received his Canine Good Citizen designation and received many, many prizes for being the Best Kisser at wheaten picnics.

He lived every minute to the fullest and had a wonderful life, a life that was shortened only in years, not in experiences. Although we wanted more experiences instead of memories, we cherish those memories. We miss him terribly but know that when our time comes, he will beat all other pets, friends, and family to be the first to greet us with one of his famous kisses.



Our kissing boy, Doogan was caught kissing our little granddaughter, Taylor. This photo appeared in Benchmarks, September 2004.


Doogan’s life is captured in this artwork titled, "Doogan’s Playground". To him, life was a playground. This was done in 2002 by our artist/friend Carla Sexton. She used five pictures from various times in his life to create what appears to be five wheatens playing in a field.