Picture 3


soap anyone?

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub.

"Rub-a-dub-dub...three pups in a tub!"

Ok, who did THAT in the pool??????

Balefull looks

The 3-H club...Hopeless, Hapless and Helpless

Fub a Dub Dub three men in a tub

Who's turn is next?

don't move - this tub is unstable

Don't stand up or you might tip us over again!

I dropped my ball!

Rub-a-dub-dub...three dogs in a tub!

Don't look now .... there's a shark

Where's the hair dryer?

Excuse me, do you have a boat hook?

I told  you not to trust Woody!

 Latest refugees of the potato famine

Thar she blows!

Where is the human?

"HELP, Say could you tell me what they think they are doing."

No, the train will not pull over so you can mark that tree.

Help! I've gone into this cave and now I can't get out.

Three's a crowd. Someone needs to dive in!

This is so fun!

Rub a dub dub, three Sweet (Wet) Wheaties in a tub.

S.O.S. Were in trouble over here, a little help anyone!

Winkin, Blinkin and Nod

I have had better vacations than this.

"Come on! Jump in the water is Great"

"Sailing, Sailing Over the Ocean Blue"

Hey, you!  stop rockin the boat!

Hey, Mum!  - the pool isn't big enough!

Our pool was lots bigger last year

The Butcher, The Baker, The Candlestick Maker

If that kid thinks he's getting his pool back he's got another thing coming.

One of looks like a push me pull you.

A Butcher, A Baker, A Candlestick Maker

Really!  You could at least let us fix our hair!

I'm the Captian

"rub a dub dub three studs in a tub."

Bathing beauties

The butcher, the baker, and the candlestick maker"

Rub a dub dub three wheaties in a tub.

rubadub, dub three men in a tub

You think you're having a bad hair day!

Who's the captain of this ship? 

Rub a dub dub...three wet wheatens in a tub.

Now look what you've done....Dog 3 "hey guys....I think I see a shark"

Water, water everywhere.......
Land, ho, Captain.

Two heads are better than one, don't you think?

Rub-a-Dub-Dub, Three Wheatens in a Tub!!

"Guys I think i see land yonder!"

Rub-a-dub-dub, I'm out of this tub.

Nursery rhyme? We are the Mighty Celtic Krew!  Who are Winkin', Blinkin' and Nod?

Three-hour tour, my hairy butt!

Winken Blinken and Nod we're not!! How do we get out of here!

There's something smiling at me down there and it sure has a lot of teeth!

Hey, three's a crowd

"You've got Fins to the Left........Fins to the Right!"

"Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum"

Rub-a-dub-dub, three men in a tub....boy this water tastes funny!   Doogan... what did you do????

Help we're melting...

We herd sheep and school fish!

Rub a dub dub! Three kidz in a tub!

Daisy Van Ness--"You gotta watch out for sharks!"

Rub A Dub Dub


Picture 4

Let's do lunch


You look lovely tonight, my dear.

Do you suppose they've noticed that we're not people, Doogan?  I was SURE these scarves would be the PERFECT disguise!"

What's taking so long?

The service here is abominable...

Where's the menu?

I'll get sick riding backwards

So my love, does kibble sound good?

Service is soooo slow here.

Honey, what will it be?

You know....we really don't get out nearly as much as we ought to.

Ooh look dahling, there's a squirrel!

Now should I get the turkey and barley or the fillet mignon with rice.

"I said 'sorry I messed, not Orient Express!!'"

Tea for two

"The Dog Food Veal, sure looks good, honey!"

Geesh, I feel like royalty!

Shall we order dinner now?

The service is sure lousy at this joint!

Dinner awaits

Remember your manners. You never know who is watching.

"I would like to order a bone please."

Why don't you ever take me to nice places?

"What about you, what are you going to order?"

Do we have to wait forever to get served here?!

Do they serve gormet kibble here?

Do you happen to have any Grey Poupon?

Celtie let a ripper fly, and Doogan pretended not to notice.

I've had about enough of your sass missy - wait until your father gets home

Doggone it, where's our waitress?!?

Great view, but it reminds me...I gotta take a whiz.  Could you order for me, please?

Diner for two

Would you like the beef tenderloin darling? or the tuna salad?

We are ready to order

"Hey! A dog's eating my dinner!"

Now, this is more like it!

"So hows life been treating you? Good? Thats good."

You take me to the nicest places! Really.

"I see we have the same impeccable fashion sense."

"Will you marry me"

What, no orders of wheat toast?? OK, I'll have a chicken salad sandwitch on wheat toast. Now, hold the chicken, hold the mayo, hold the lettuce, hold the tomatoes!!

"This view is pretty sweetheart, but nothing compared to you!"

Your place or mine?

What's Wh-eaton for supper Hon?

Oh, Ick!  Calimari is SNAILS?

"Garçon,vite!  Serve zee Lady, S.V.P.!"

" Oh, this delicacy has such bad service! I mean, look at the time, we've been waiting for over an hour, I hope the kids are safe at home!"  "Oh don't 
worry honey, if worst comes to worst we'll go home"  It already did, your here!"

Well dear, will it be fish or fowl today?

I say there, dearie...tea time can be so enchanting.

The service is so slow here.

"Hi there cutie.  Do you come here often?"

Call me anything you want, but don't call me late for dinner

"Hey, waiter....what's taking you so long?  We're hungry!"

Spanky Van Ness--"See that squirrel?  That's dinner!  I told you they had to catch it and kill it.  That's why the service is so bad!"

What do you feel like eating tonight Dear?

Shall we have Chicken & Rice or Lamb & Rice?


Picture 5

They'll never find us!

If we hide under here, no one will know we're on the bed.

They'll never find us now!!

"OK...who got my other sock?"

Hide and Seek

C'mon, Ma...you gotta get up and go workout


there you are...

Ahhhhh! My beauty sleep at last!

You had the pillow yesterday, it's my turn today.

Where did you go?

Hey, where's the lights?

Don't wake me up, I'm trying to sleep!

We're in a tent.

What is that smell.  Did you fart?


It''s bath time, and we're hiding!

We're well hidden..they'll never find us now

I can smell a jerk treat in the pocket, can you hold the dress for me?

Geez I can't look anymore.  That little tour through the pet cemetary was more then I could take.

Must you always hog the covers?

The sun is so bright today


Oh, please! I just want to sleep late!

OHhh.....stop, that tickles!!

"Doogan can you keep a secret?"

Sniff, Sniff Who passed gas? Ewwwww dog farts are the worst, don't ya say?

If I ever get my paws on that magician who cut me in two!!

Talk about doing undercover work.

Now you go from this side...And I'll go from here...And...Opps.. Where'd ya go?

If they won't turn out the lights we'll improvise!

Now where did I put my glasses?

You guard that end and I'll get it from this end!

Daisy Van Ness--"Two butts are better than one!"

"Oh, how I hate to get up in the morning"  (thanks to Irving Berlin)



Picture 6

Are these shark infested waters?

"Yeow!  That water is COLD!"

It's bigger than all of us!

Whoa...that's one BIG bathtub

That water is too cold

look out it's coming after us


I want to go in the water

Dang - foam is wet

Oooooooh! That's cold!

WHOA! it smells like fish pee.

You expect ME to go in THERE?

Are you sure we should be this close?

Run! It's trying to get me.

Aaah! I saw a shark!

That's the biggest pool I've ever seen

I told you I don't like water!!!

Your out of your mind if you think I'm going in there.  Haven't you ever heard of JAWS 

whoa! that wave wasn't supposed to come my way!

Looks a bit rough today, Captain.  Think I'll pass on the body surfing.

"I'll bite this one! You sic the next one!"

Looks like good surfing weather

Yes! water! I want to swim!........aaah, a bit cold!

WOW! what's that...a lot of beer?

Great White what??????

You go first, no you go first

EEKKKKKKKK (Brakes squeeling) ....."Wait....that ain't bubble bath!!"

If you think I look like a wheaten-colored porcupine then you must be the Lockness Monster!!

"Hey look, this animal is foaming at the mouth!"

Man...Did ya see that Celti?!  It almost ATE me!!!

Yikes!! No one warned me about this stuff!!

Whoa momma!  What kinda of bath is this?

I swear, it was the Lochness monster.

"I don't care how big that bathtub is, I ain't goin' in."

Did you see that big fish?  Daddy I swear it was coming out to get me!

You've got to be kidding....

Spanky Van Ness--"That bathtub is tooooooo big!  I'll drowwwn!  Don't make me go in there!!!!"



Pictures 7a&b

Lincoln log dogs!

He ain't heavy, he's my brother.

Joined at the Hip

Hey, I'll take a backrub anyway I can get it

I want to play.

Thanks for scratching my itch!

Let's See. The spinner said left front paw on a red spot.

Twister, anyone?

Under the bridge we go

Someday I'll be bigger than you!

I rather work on the weave poles.

This game of 'leap frog' just doesn't seem to work!

Wheaten Twister

No, I told you I don't want a doggy back ride

careful there - easy does it

Don't ya think if we stay this way for just a few more seconds they'll think it's cute and get the camera?

London Bridges Falling Down

You have to learn your left from your right.  Now try again!  Line up...ready..."right, right, ..I had a good home but I left, you're
right..."  not your right,  you're right ...get off me !!

Togetherness is great, but this is going to far 
I am bigger than you are

Do-see-do, turn under the dancer to your left, allemain right, allemain left!

Beep, beep, coming through!!!

Twister!  or/  I'm taller than you are!

I said play leap frog...not under the bridge!!!!

Excuse me, Coming through!

London Bridges Falling Down!!

Now...how does one get out of this?

The first ever Siamese twin dogs!!!

Do I have something coming out of my butt?...oh my god! it's a dog!

Where did he go?

Boy does this feel good! What am I gonna do when I get too big to fit under Celtie?

This won't last long...

Daisy Van Ness--"I told you a hundred times...MY FEET HURT...you carry me!"

Togetherness is a great thing!

I am behind you (or rather under you) all the way!