May 16, 1992 - March 29, 2001
"A Special Remembrance for a Most Special Bunny"

From this wee Bunny

To our Amazing Muffy

We pay tribute by remembering Muffy through the years:

Being altruistic at heart, Muffy was a celebrity at Project PUP, being the only bunny in the program.  She visited nursing homes with Celtie and Doogan in this special therapy program.
Muffy, always having a sense of humor, insisted we take her picture looking like a  regular rabbit instead of a lop ear bunny when we visited Rabbit Ear's Pass near Steamboat Springs, Colorado.


In the Age of Computers, Muffy learned how to send e-mail like  everybunny else.

We know that roosters roost and  bunnies burrow, but do bunnies roost? Muffy would hop on top of things and chill out!


Muffy was happiest just being in Karen's lap and if Celtie and Doogan were next to her, that was even better.


Muffy "The Story"

Bunnybonding began for Muffy when she was four weeks old, and Karen went 

twice a week to hold the wee bunny she would take home once Muffy turned 
six weeks old.  She'd be cuddled, tummy side up, just fitting in Karen's 
hand.  Perhaps that is why she was such a content bunny for the rest of 
her life to rest in Karen's arm, tummy side up, being carried everywhere 
for any length of time, amazing people that saw her for her calmness. 

Muffy was quick to adapt to new situations and became the best traveler 
in the family.  She traveled 14,000 miles one year, with no complaints! 
She'd delight people as she'd ride a tram ride in a campground or meet 
people while on a hike. 

Being a Therapy Bunny was rather unusual but that is what Muffy was. 
She'd visit the nursing homes with Celtie and Doogan under the Project 
PUP Program (Pets Uplifting People).   Muffy loved going along, happy 
being snuggled in Karen's arm.   She was a lover and would give kisses 
on command.  That was always a Project PUP pleaser...entertaining the 
patients, but Muffy also entertained at home.  Bunnies are known for 
their speed but they are also real gymnasts, doing didos and flips in 
the air, zooming from one place to another.   Lots of laughs were had 
just watching her move! 

When Muffy developed a tumor that had to be daily tended to, there 
couldn't have been a more patient patient.  She was so tolerant and 
managed to make the most of her days in spite of it all.  She was very 
fortunate to have lived as long as she did, nearly reaching her ninth 
birthday.  That is very old for a bunny but she was a Grand Old Bunny, 
and one that is sorely missed.  With many tears of missing her but many 
smiles of remembering her we have put this memorial together.  Muffy 
deserves this Special Remembrance because she was a Very Special Bunny.