What is Wheaten-L?

WHEATEN-L is intended to be a friendly forum to exchange all kinds of
information about Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers and their lives with
people.  Serious as well as light-hearted topics are welcome.  Anything
that has to do with Soft Coated Wheaten Terriers may be discussed here,
such as conformation, temperament, training, obedience, agility, health
issues, grooming, public perception, brags, etc.

Anyone who has an interest in the breed can join Wheaten-L. Wheaten
owners from around the world are welcome, as are prospective owners,
fanciers, breeders, competitors in conformation or any of the other canine

Wheaten-L exists to serve its members and the breed. Members who are
suffering from an overabundance of Wheaten energy will hopefully find
support and help in the group.  Fanciers and breeders will hopefully
find a congenial setting to discuss issues affecting the future of the breed.
The Soft Coated Wheaten Terrier will be served when the discussion meets
public education needs and promotes responsible dog ownership and
breeding practices.

L-Soft International, Inc. hosts Wheaten-L.  L-Soft provides this Internet
site to the owners and subscribers of Wheaten-L as a service to the Internet
community.  There is no charge for subscribing to this list.

The principal owners of Wheaten-L are Michael Slepian (slepian@nb.net)
and Kim Bryant (smskahj@netacc.net).  Please e-mail them privately at
questions or comments about the list or if you need help with your subscription.

2. How do I SUBSCRIBE to Wheaten-L?

*** STEP ONE: ***

Send an e-mail message to:


with a blank subject line and the following command as the first (and
only) line of the message body:

SUBSCRIBE Wheaten-L Your Name

Substitute your real name (e.g., Joe Smith) for "Your Name" above (e.g.,
SUBSCRIBE Wheaten-L Joe Smith).

*** STEP TWO: ***

You will receive a detailed message back from listserv telling you
exactly what to do to complete the process. All you need to do is to indicate
to your mail software that you want to reply to this message,  and then
type "OK". Don't quote the body of the message in your reply and don't
include a signature. You have only a limited time to reply to the message --
usually 48 or 96 hours as specified in the message from listserv.